Paintings on Wood
I started painting on blocks of wood 3 years ago.  At first

 on odd pieces of sea-washed wreckage found on the shore,

 I soon got hooked and began rummaging  about in skips,   

rescuing off-cuts of decking destined for bon-fires or the tip.

 I sand them a bit to find out what’s under the grime

 and  stoor and as I handle them the grain, knots and shape

      begin to suggest to me how I should paint on them.  
When the painting is done and is right,

    it feels very complete; the piece of  

wood and the painting become integral

to one another.

November Sea - painted on a bread board from a wreck
8 ” x  8 ”
Winter Sea
7 ” x  9 ”
with limpet shells and birch bark
They look good with other materials - ceramics
Sometimes splits occur adding more character to these pieces!
Winter Sea lll
Shoreline, Easter
12 “ x  12 “